Our recurring autumn blog theme seems to be helping you understand the cost of making wrong decisions.  I understand that it's tough to know what to do with all of the information that's out there.  My eyes glaze over when I think about how to invest my 401k money.  Just like they didn't teach about technology in seminary, they didn't teach much about investing in business school.

Fixing things correctly and helping you make "right" decisions is our goal.  A few weeks ago, we received a call from a church here in the Columbus area to see what could be done with their sound system.  The team there had brand new speakers, installed by another dealer, and things just didn't sound right.  No one could figure it out. 

These are difficult situations because we rarely get the benefit of understanding the circumstances surrounding the purchase and installation.  We only get to see and hear the end result. 

In the end, we installed a new amplifier and a system processor, reinstalled one of their power amplifiers that had been repaired, un-did some "unconventional" wiring, and tuned up the system with SMAART. 

The system sounds fantastic, but the church didn't need new speakers.  What we found is that their 20-year-old Crown Microtech series power amplifiers were heavily corroded on the inside and were just worn out.  Had the other dealer replaced the power amplifiers (a $2000 option) instead of installing new speakers with the old amplifiers (a $5000-6000 option plus the cost for the work we just completed), the church could have saved several thousand dollars.

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