If there's anything predictable about the audio, video, and lighting business, it's that most churches aren't spending what the way they'd like to on technology for worship.  Big projects routinely turn into medium-sized projects, annual budgets get zeroed out, and people who used to spend $500 at their own discretion have to get board approval to spend anything at all.  It's not uncommon for a project plan that used to take 2-3 months from design to build to now take a year or more.  I can think of one project that's still technically on the books, but that has been delayed for almost three years, with the hope for "next budget year."   

That's just the way it is.  If you feel like that, know that you're not alone.  People stream out the door at Chipotle for $8 burritos, but the right technical "food" has become more than a luxury for many of us. 

What's my point?  Despite the times, you still need technology to empower the worship setting, and if you have needs and money's tight, you better get it right the first time.  Money no object, you should still get it right the first time. 

So what's "right"?  Three factors make up our equation – what meets the need, what fits the budget, and what the tech team can use effectively based on skill levels.  "Right" almost never means the same as "cheapest."  It simply means right.  We've been known to recommend both more and less expensive equipment than what a client thinks he or she can spend. 

No matter what, our goal is always the same – to get you the right equipment.

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