On Friday when I made a call to our favorite custom case builder, one of the guys said, "Has anyone called you about a case found floating in the Ohio River?" I said, "Excuse me; can you say that again?" Mike said, "Someone found a case floating in the Ohio River near Huntington, WV and we traced it to your company."

I thought for a few seconds and asked. "Is it green?" It was. One of my good friends and longtime clients buys all of his cases in Kelly Green color so that there's no mistaking his cases for someone else's. This case was purchased in 1995 and it was still in service. And it wasn't designed as waterproof, but it was dry inside. Read what the finder of the case sent to the case company. 

"We found one of your Cabbages Cases floating on the Ohio River near Huntington during the flood. It was empty and completely dry! Do you keep record of the owners? The serial number is: 425XX it measures 4'x4'x10". Color: Green."

The case was not only dry inside, but it was still road worthy and we were able to locate the owner. As it turns out, our client sold the case and the mixer a few years ago, but he knew the guy to whom it belonged. My guess is that there will be a reunion of sorts over the next few days. 

When someone asks me why Cabbage Cases cost a little bit more, I tell them that they're made better, and now can say that they are water-resistant, even though not designed that way, and that Cabbage keeps records that will allow us to return your case, if lost or stolen. 

Cabbage Cases builds fantastic custom equipment cases, and they've been building them here in Columbus, OH since 1974. If you have a need for a great custom case, call us, and we'll be happy to get the right case designed for you.


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