Shure - Frequency Bands Discontinuation

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Effective immediately, Shure is discontinuing wireless components operating in the frequency range affected by the latest round of the FCC Spectrum Auction (614-698 MHz). Systems and components are no longer available for ordering in the frequency bands listed below.

ULX-D® and QLX-D® Digital Wireless
J50 (572-636 MHz)
L50 (632-698 MHz)d166df02 e794 43e7 8b52 42787cf3083d

UHF-R® Wireless
J5 (578-638 MHz)

Axient® Wireless
J5 (578-638 MHz)
L3 (638-698 MHz)

PSM®1000 Personal Monitors
J8 (554-626 MHz)
L8 (626-698 MHz)

Please visit the Shure Incentive Auction Resource Center for the latest news about the Auction and updates from Shure.


FCC Auction - more news on wireless microphones of the future.

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The FCC has just completed another round of auctions, selling off more of the wireless spectrum that we use for wireless microphones.  The short story is that your wireless microphones that operate between 617-698MHz will be phased out at some point starting after 39 months from today. And you will have to replace them. 

In 2010, we went through this with you and our goal is to keep you as prepared as possible for what comes next.  So here is some news from the Shure website, with a closing paragraph from us. 


January-February 2017 -- Forward Auction Stage 4 - Wireless telecom companies bid on the spectrum. Stage 4 of the forward auction has raised enough money to meet the minimum requirements to be declared successful. Thus, we now know that 84 MHz, from 614 MHz through 698 MHz, of spectrum will be reallocated.  Stage 4 of the forward auction raised $19.63 billion.

How will the Auction affect my wireless systems?

Read more: FCC Auction - more news on wireless microphones of the future.


This never happens - Bose F1 and L1 - 15% off.

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F1 Model 812 Dispersion PatternsTwice a year, Bose allows us to offer the F1 and L1 series speakers at 10% off normal prices. Now through March 31, save 15%. A 15% discount (or more) on Bose F1 and L1 series has never happened before, and no one can say whether it will happen again.

This may not sound like a big deal, but Bose actually tells its dealers what it can charge for these products.  We "acquiesce" in order to be permitted to sell the product at all. 

Take this opportunity to save over $720 on a package of 2 each F1 812 and F1 Subwoofer powered speakers. The system of two F1 812 powered and two F1 Subwoofer are the perfect portable system - lightweight, big sound and easy changes to vertical coverage for use in different rooms.  

Save $150 on an L1 Compact, the speaker that I use at my own church for smaller indoor and outdoor events.  Save $75 on T1 Tonematch Mixer.  Save up to $400 on these popular L1 speaker systems.  And save 15% on the rest of the L1 line.  Call 800-747-7301 for more info and pricing on specific models. 

For more details on the Bose F1, click here


The making of a microphone - a video.

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We use microphones, we sell microphones, we recommend microphones. I tend to forget all that goes into the making of a good microphone.

This video blew me away. It reminded me that we all have a God-given creative nature that expresses itself in many different ways from music, to engineering, to machinery, and marketing. People design and make the tools we use.  Enjoy! 

Audix D6 (and other Audix microphones) - Made in the USA, by people.  All of that for just $199.  What a bargain!


We sell solutions!

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Half of all churches we talk with need some sort of upgrade to their audio, video, lighting or projection systems. How to make those upgrades and new systems happen effectively, on time and on budget is an everyday conversation for us.

In the last 25 years, we've learned a lot. Our experience has taught us what works, and what doesn't.

We know how to help you select new projectors and screens. We can help you evaluate a conversion to LED lighting. We can explain why more speakers is rarely a better solution.  We we know what makes a wireless microphone drop out, and can help you fix yours. We can help you make sense of acoustics and a little bit of physics. We can help you get HD video around your building and around the world. We have helped people like you navigate wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, and wi-fi. We know what it's like to to come to the end of a project and to have to make strategic budget cuts. We can tell you where you're notice the most impact for each dollar spent. And we've guided hundreds of churches through self-installation projects.

If you have a project in mind (or in progress) and need some ideas, call us.  We're glad to offer a Free System Design Review.

(While I'm thinking about it, make sure to sign up for our email list in the upper part of the left navigation bar. Once or twice a month, we feature new products, special deals and relevant articles. We promise that we won't load up your email box and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

So what role can we play for you?

Our clients come in all sizes. Most range from 150-500 weekend attenders with a single campus and one or two staff people. Some are as large as small cities with 5-figure weekend attendance and multiple venues and/or sites. Even some of the smaller churches we work with are reaching out to nearby towns, their other campuses and to the world with video streaming. We enjoy helping churches fulfill their mission. 

To the solo pastor or worship staff person, we're often his or her tech director. To the tech director or weekend volunteer, we hope to be a trusted resource and a source of ideas when it comes to solutions.  For some clients, we help with project planning and with long-term equipment standardization plans.

The way we hope to be different from other dealers is that we bring a broad level of knowledge and a curious spirit to the audio, video, and lighting equation.

Anyone can ship you a microphone, or a projector, but few thrive on helping you discover new products and can help you know what to expect when a new product is integrated into an existing system.

Since we talk with lots of people, it's not unusual for us to know someone who has been right where you are. The issues of product selection, proper integration of equipment, and problem solving aren't unique to you, and we're happy to help you connect with others.

Our website will never be as deep with products as larger companies (and a new version of the site is coming soon), but if you don't see it, there's a very good chance that we sell it. 

But we're not a typical online company, at all.  We work hard to answer every phone call live. And the guys answering the phones have managed installation projects, pulled wire, terminated cables, flown speakers, designed systems, and helped people just like you to make technology work.

Whether you need help with a solution and don't know quite where to start, or if you simply need another resource for products and ideas, please call us anytime.

Some of the things we like – earsets from DPA, Countryman, and Que Audio; speakers from Electro-Voice, JBL, Community and Danley Sound Labs; microphones from Heil, Audix, Earthworks, or Sennheiser; digital mixers from Midas, Roland, Presonus, Digico, Soundcraft, and Behringer; analog mixers from Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, and Mackie; video gear from BlackMagic Design, Kramer, AJA, Softron, Livestream, Marshall, Roland, and FSR; personal mixing systems from Elite Core, Roland, Allen & Heath and Aviom; in-ears from Shure, Audio-Technica and Westone; DI's from Radial, BSS, and Rapco; cables from Whirlwind, Rapco and CBI; stands from K&M and Ultimate Support; projectors from Panasonic, Eiki, Hitachi, Christie, Vivitek and Barco; cameras from Sony, Panasonic and BlackMagic Design; accessories from Chief, Peerless, Ansmann, Clearsonic, Middle Atlantic and Raxxess; screens from Da-Lite, Draper, and Screen Innovations; recorder/players from Tascam, Denon and Marantz; processing from DBX, Symetrix, BSS, and Biamp; wireless systems from Audio-Technica, Shure, Line 6 and Sennheiser; lighting from Elation, Chroma-Q, Leviton, Chauvet, ETC, Blizzard, and Mega Systems; power management from Furman, SurgeX and Lyntec; and amplifiers from Crown, QSC and Lab Gruppen. There are plenty more, but that'll give you an idea of who we are.

We're based in Columbus, Ohio and work with people from all over the country. We occasionally send something to Japan, Canada, Europe, Africa or Australia, too. And we're as likely to get a call from a church in Orange County, California as we are from Ohio.

We want to be a resource for you. If we look like your kind of company, sign up for our email list or give us a call. (800) 747-7301

Technology for Worship: It's what we do!


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What others say

Thanks for the great job you all have done!  Thanks for suggesting and sticking with the digital board. The benefits are awesome.

We are so pleased with having great sound, lighting tech...etc in the building.  I have been in many new churches where the sound is squeaking, squawking etc. and it ruins the services.  We have had few to no glitches. There are still many things that I would like to do.

By the way the remote clicker for the Power Point worked great, reached from the platform to the back of the room.

I am looking forward to continuing a working relationship and a growing friendship.

Pastor Steve Hubbard
Ebenezer Baptist Church