Gerry Stinson with Line 6 XD-V digital wireless system
After 25 years on the road, including almost a decade as front of house engineer and production manager for blues artist Jonny Lang, Gerry Stinson is back home in St. Cloud, Minnesota, about an hour north of Minneapolis.

Since his return, Stinson has found a new favorite wireless system. "The Line 6 XD-V digital wireless is a game-changer," he says. "They sound great, and finding available frequencies just isn't an issue. Plus, they hit a great price point and are as physically tough as most products I've used out on tour. It's just a great design - and that's making a huge impact in my community."

Like Stinson, we always look for a combination of great sound and ease of use for our customers.  "Churches and schools need...

"Churches and schools need a turnkey system that gives them repeatable, consistent performance without having to worry about frequency coordination, antenna systems, and other typical wireless issues. In many cases, they need to add more channels to an existing system without worrying about frequency conflict, which is easy with a 2.4 GHz system like Line 6."

He went on to say, "And it all works off a single pair of antennas, daisy-chained through all the receivers. All they do is plug into the room's PA system, power up and go."

"I especially like the headset," Stinson notes. "Even on a pro touring stage, it's difficult to get consistently good sound from a headworn mic, but Line 6 uses DSP to apply some corrective EQ that actually addresses that issue. The midrange stays intact, with no companding in the digital signal path. Also, the headset itself is good quality, with a nice, stiff boom and two earpieces, so the mic position is stable and repeatable. I have been very impressed."

What impresses Stinson the most is the fact that Line 6 has achieved this high level of reliability and ease of use without sacrificing sound quality. "I've been familiar with Line 6 for years," he relates. "The Jonny Lang band always had multiple Line 6 devices, and I've always been impressed at how they use DSP to shape the sound without stepping on it. I see the same thing with their digital wireless, especially with the microphone modeling they use on their transmitters."

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