This could be perfect timing -- Electro-Voice FRI, FRI+ and FRX loudspeaker closeouts -- save 70%!

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On a day late last Fall, I was supposed to be out of the office for the morning, but got stuck inside.  Have you ever had a day like that?  I was expected elsewhere and just kept getting sidetracked. 

The phone rang - again.  This time, it was George, our Electro-Voice sales rep.  He was simply confirming an order that had been sent over earlier that day.  And then he said, almost as an afterthought, "You don't buy closeouts, do you?"   He sluggishly mentioned that someone at EV had emailed all of the sales reps around the country and asked them to sell-off a pile of EV speakers, and wasn't willing to pay them any commission.  How's that for motivation? 

I said, "What do you have?"  George continued, "Well I just got this email that asks 'Who wants to be a hero?' and you're the first person I've talked to since."

As it turns out, Electro-Voice was cleaning out its warehouse and it had rounded up all of the remaining FRI, FRI+ and FRX loudspeakers -- all except one still new-in-the-box. 

He told me the price and I had him clarify to make sure that he was telling me the actual price for all of them.  That's how cheap they were.  He went on to say that he wasn't sure of the specifics.  I quickly interrupted to say that I didn't care much for specifics, but to see if he could get them for you. 

To make a long story short, we got all of them, and then we got some more. 

The FRI, FRI+ and FRX were among Electro-Voice's most popular installation series -- all have fly points or fly track, and not pole mounts.  All are made from multi-ply birch.  Some are black, some are unfinished, some are white.  All were discontinued about a year ago and these are the leftovers.  We've been so busy that we have not advertised these yet.  I've sent some emails around and have sold a handful. 

So, just like when George called me, you're among the very first to know about these speakers, and they'll move fast.  If you're interested, don't wait around. 

Since these are discontinued, it's hard to find cut sheets or manufacturer information, but if you "Google" a little, I'm sure that you'll turn up something.  And you're likely to find other dealers selling these for at least twice the price. 

Rest assured that they're made well and are of top-quality.  And at this price point, you won't be disappointed.  This is the perfect way to replace your sound system for not a lot of money and to get something that you might not be able to afford otherwise. 

Anything that is a model FRI+ has a 3” voice coil and 2” exit high frequency horn.  FRI has a 2” voice coil and 1.4” exit.  FRX is large format 15" coaxial box, well-suited for larger, reverberant rooms with high ceilings.  Any model with a 5 has a 15" woofer.  2's have 12" woofer, and 8's have 18" woofers.  And the trailing numbers indicate the pattern of the horn in degrees.  An FRI+ 152/66 has a 3" voice coil horn, 1 15" woofer, and a 60x60 degree horn flare. 

All are black, unless specified. Wht = white. Unf = unfinished.

Most/all are truck items, so shipping is expensive, but we'll discount shipping to half of our actual costs.  At these prices, we can't do free shipping. 

All items are new, except as noted Repack.

Prices are each. 


3    FRX+ 640      List Price $2070      $649.95 - 2 sold, 1 left! *** This is the last speaker we have from this closeout purchase. 
1    FRX+ 940      List Price $2070      $649.95 - Sold

2    FRI+ 152/64           List Price $1665      $499.95 - Sold
1    FRI+ 122/94           List Price $1665      $499.95 - Sold
3    FRI+ 152/66           List Price $1665      $499.95 - Sold
1    FRI+ 122/64           List Price $1665      $499.95 - Sold
1    FRI+ 122/94-Unf      List Price $1665      $499.95 - Sold
1    FRI+ 122/66           List Price $1665      $499.95 - Sold
1    FRI+ 181S-Wht      List Price $1165      $349.95 - Sold

4    FRI 152/85      List Price $1300      $399.95 - Sold
1    FRI 152/85-Wht White      List Price $1300      $399.95 - Sold
1    FRI 28LPM-Repack      List Price $800      $349.95 - Sold
1    FRI 152/64      List Price $1300      $399.95 - Sold

If you think that these might work for you, call us soon.  With odd quantities, we might not sell all of them, but the pairs will go quickly.  If things don't become too crazy, I can probably twist Jason's arm to do a basic room analysis to make sure that the speakers will work well for you.  For that, we'd need basic dimensions of your worship space.  Call for more info. 

Don't wait.  I'd really like to see these end up in good homes.  I had hoped to advertise these in the Fall and to have sold all of these by now, but like the day I got stuck in the office, I firmly believe that this timing will be perfect for at least one of you.