Tech 21 Sans Amp Character Series VT Bass - Great Tone, No Amp Required

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The Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series VT Bass

by Jacob Roberts

There are many good sounding bass amps out there, and I've had a couple nice ones of my own (Ashdown, Ampeg, Eden to be specific). However, when recording I have rarely used a bass amp and as a result end up getting a very clean but fairly sterile sound. I know many friends that like to plug direct into the DI when playing live and also end up with very little "character" in their tone.

I guess using the word "character" is a good segue into the Character Series from Tech 21. I came across the VT Bass pedal and was originally drawn to the cosmetic of the box. It looked like an SVT grill, which I thought was cool, so I tried it.

I could go on and on but let me just say that I have never encountered a pedal (or amp that wasn't filled with tubes and weighed a hundred pounds) that gave me that "dynamic grit" when I played it. By "dynamic grit" I mean that when you dig into the string you get a response that has power, meaning and yes... Character.

I have turned a few friends onto this pedal and they all use it as a direct preamp. I do this as well when recording and in live situations use it as the front end going into my Ashdown MAG300. It has become an integral part of my bass rig.

And if you need more information or desire to add one of the VT Bass pedals to your rig, please call 800-747-7301 or visit our online store now.