StudioLive 16.4.2 - Big-church digital mixing and recording performance for smaller churches.

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Mega churches use big digital consoles to simplify and automate mixing. Your volunteer sound technicians can have the same benefits with the affordable and easy-to-use StudioLive 16.4.2.

Create, save, and instantly recall preset Scenes for different parts of of your weekend service. Store and load different presets for other weekly or occasional sanctuary functions.

Built into the StudioLive mixing console is the equivalent of a whole rack of expensive digital signal processors to make your pastor, praise band, choir, and soloists sound their best. And StudioLive grows with your church...from 16 to 32, 48 or more microphone and instrument input channels.

And, best of all, record everything onto a PC or Mac with just two clicks, using perfectly integrated Capture software that comes free with StudioLive.

To learn more, check out the StudioLive video or call us at 800-747-7301.