Sony 800 Series Modification Program Ends September 30

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FCC regulations for the use of wireless microphones have changed and wireless microphone users are directed to vacate the 700MHz band after June 12, 2010. Sony discontinued its previous range of WL-800 and UWP Series of wireless microphone models operating on UHF-TV channels 62/64 (758-782 MHz) or 66/68 (782-806 MHz) and replaced them with new models operating on UHF-TV channels 30/32 (566-590 MHz) or 42/44 (638-662 MHz).

Sony customers with WL-800 Series "B" suffix models who want to modify their existing channels 62/64 or channels 66/68 wireless systems to operate on channels 30/32 or channels 42/44 (on a charge basis) can contact Sony Service in Teaneck N.J. (201-833-5300) to inquire. This WL-800 Series modification program will end by September 2010.

After the modification program ends, existing WL-800 Series "B" suffix models can no longer be modified and will need to be replaced. Sony customers with previous UWP Series systems operating on channels 62/64 or channels 66/68 should consider replacing their wireless systems with new UWP systems that operate in channels 30/32 or channels 42/44.