Sanyo PLC-XP200L

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Sanyo Knows Projectors

In the past month, two clients called to ask about a specific Christie Digital projector and what I thought of it.  I said to both, “They’re great, but why buy that model when you can buy the Sanyo instead?” 

Christie Digital has made a name for itself as a high-end projector supplier, and it is.  This particular model happens to be made by Sanyo for Christie.  That’s a secret that Christie would rather not have you know.  That’s the same secret that Eiki, Canon, Boxlight and others have been trying to keep, as well.


Truth be told, there are very few true manufacturers.  Most companies simply license other companies’ technology because it’s easier and cheaper than actually building a plant and making their own stuff. 

One of the clients asked me why then could Christie sell that particular projector for $10,500 when the exact same Sanyo projector sells for just $7,495.  I didn’t have an answer for him – at least not a good answer.

Licensing costs money, but so does research and development and the equipping of factories.  Marketing goes a long way toward building the image of a product and Christie has done a great job convincing people that it offers the very best projectors.  Not all of Christie’s projectors are re-skinned Sanyo machines, but in this case, the Christie LX700 is the same as the Sanyo PLC-XP200 and it’s $3000 less. 

Now through the end of July, buy the PLC-XP200 (a 7000 lumen, 4LCD machine) with the latest, greatest video technology for $7495 and you’ll get the standard lens absolutely free (a $650 value) as Sanyo’s contribution to your personal economy. 

The PLC-XP200 is the biggest, baddest wolf in its class and with brand-new 4LCD technology, you’ll not only get plenty of brightness for the largest screens, but also super-smooth video, and extraordinary color accuracy.

Sanyo PLC-XP200L LCD Projector 7000 ANSI XGA  $7495

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