Sanyo PLC-WXU700

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Wireless motion video?  No way!  Yes, way!

Have you ever wished for a wireless connection from your computer to your video projector that supported motion video?  We’ve all done presentations with still slides, but show a movie? – forget about it!  Until now.  

Recently, Sanyo released a new projector with the world’s first 801.11n projector interface.  There will be others, I’m sure, but for now, they’ve got what you’ve been asking for.  

The PLC-WXU700 is the first projector to offer 802.11n high-speed wireless LAN capabilities, significantly increasing transmission speeds for projectors with wireless functionality.  Seamless video playback is performed using advanced video streaming, which allows playback of video stored on a computer's hard drive to start playback even as the file is being streamed, or downloaded to the projector. The projector’s video streaming and playback is compatible with MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, and WMV file types.  

The PLC-WXU700 LCD projector features wide-format (1280x800) WXGA resolution, 3800 lumens and compatibility with the Windows Vista® Network Projector Function.

Imagine being able to install this projector in any room without having to run a cable except the power cable.  Nice.  Very nice.  With 3800 Lumens, it’s plenty bright enough for lights-on use at 6.25x10’ or even 7.5x12’.  Call for more information on your specific application today!


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