Roland V-800HD - Video Format Freedom

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Since its introduction, users of the Roland V-1600HD have been amazed at the flexibility offered by the wide variety of inputs and outputs and wowed by the quality of the scalers available on every input and output. It has become the “go-to” video mixer for production companies and installed facilities where the ability to plug “any source in” and connect to “any source” out has been critical. It has been front and center at festivals and events around the world including stages at Coachella 2011 & 2012, the South-by-South West conference and the main stage at the Ultra Music Festival.

The V-1600HD pioneered “Video Format Freedom” – the ability to connect anything, anywhere – no cards required. This concept has been so successful; Roland expanded its line-up of multi-format video mixers with the recent introduction of the V-800HD at the 2012 NAB Show. The V-800HD includes Roland’s “True Multi-Format” technology with scalers on each channels and outputs plus it we added several industry requested features like a multi-viewer output and HDCP compliance.

The performance and specifications of the V-800HD position it as the only live event video mixer on the market to offer a complete range of both digital and analog video including data inputs and outputs with full scaling on every channel and output. This all mixed at stunning 10 bit 4:4:4 processing without compromising market valued features like multi-viewer or requiring expensive expansion cards.

Features unique to the V-800HD:

· 16 Inputs over 8+2 Mixing Channels – The V-800HD features four types of inputs: SDI, Composite, RGB and DVI-I. Four of each of these inputs provides the V-800HD to be used in a variety of applications both SD and HD and allow users currently using SD sources to grow into HD without needing to replace their video mixer.
· Scaler for Every Channel and Every Output: With the V-800HD, your sources do not need to be matched to a common resolution set by the switcher. Any resolution of input can be connected and the V-800HD will scale, crop, zoom and re-position every input as needed. The V-800HD also offers “pixel accurate” scaling on outputs allowing for direct output to LED wall processors without the need for an external scaler.
· Multi-Viewer Output – Connect an HDMI monitor to the V-800HD to preview of all eight channels plus program and preview busses. Channels can be named on the multiviewer output. The V-800HD is the only switcher to feature “true multi-format” and multiviewer all in one.
· 3G HD-SDI - The V-800HD is ready for tomorrow’s 3G-SDI cameras capable of 1080p over a single SDI cable. Ready to connect to today’s 3G-SDI projectors and output devices that are already in use.
· HDCP Compliant: The mixing of sources requiring HDCP has long been a challenge for production companies and installed venues. The V-800HD has an HDCP compliant mode that allows seamless mixing of all input sources when output to only the DVI-D outputs.
· 10 bit 4:4:4 Processing: The V-800HD achieves amazing quality with the incredibly sharp detail and color thanks to it’s internal processing engine that operates at 10 bit and 4:4:4 color space. This is especially true when images are displayed on LED walls where “per pixel” accurate color is truly noticeable.

We look forward to initial shipments of the V-800HD in late June to early-mid July 2012.  Please call for more information today.