Quick Projector Fixes

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Quick projector fixes

Colors not vivid?  Image looking “flat”?  Are your whites gray/blue?  If so, it might be time to update your projector’s lamp (bulb).  Many projectors offer lamp life estimates of 2000 hours or more.  Our experience is that after 1000 hours (8 hours a week for 2.5 years) that the picture quality of your LCD or DLP projector will degrade to the point that it doesn’t look as good as it once did.  If you feel like images don’t quite “pop” like they used to, or that colors aren’t as accurate, it might not be your imagination. 

Projector lamps don’t typically burn out like a lightbulb.  They just fade away gradually.  If you feel like your machine needs a little freshening up, give us a call at 800-747-7301.  Prices range from $249-549 for most projectors.  Lamps are available for most models (even older units) from virtually any manufacturer, and for models not listed on this website.


When Good Projectors Go Bad

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When Good Projectors Go Bad

“A new bulb is how much?” I hear that phrase often, and I always cringe.  With projector lamps costing $400 or more, people sometimes get sticker shock and experience a sense of disappointment when their “2000 Hour” lamp fails after 800-900 hours, and when it’s not a warranty issue. 

Lamp warranties are often 90 days.  Why 90 days?  I’m not sure, but my guess is that if you leave a projector on for 90 days at 24 hours per day, you get to that 2000 hour level just short of 90 days.  There are lots of other factors that affect lamp life like voltage issues, power spikes, dirty air filters, improper power-down, etc. 

Whatever the case, lamps are an expense that many people don’t consider when buying a projector.  On average, we notice that churches often buy a lamp every couple years and 2-3 over the life of each projector.  If you could extend that lamp life by 40%, those three lamps at $400 each become two at $400 each, and you save $400.  If you could save $400 by spending less than $200, would you? You should. 

The Furman AC-215 will allow you to do just that by conditioning the electrical power supplying each of your projectors (and thus protecting your investment in technology) for just $199.95.  For those who use projectors more than average, your savings will be even greater and the Furman AC-215 can be used on subsequent machines, even after you upgrade from your current projector to the next one. 

Furman AC-215 Power Conditioner     $199.95 – FREE Shipping!

Reprinted Article from Lighting & Sound America: “When Good Projectors Go Bad”

Furman AC-215 Spec Sheet (3.7MB PDF)


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We used the new stuff yesterday.  It worked great . . . and we LOVED the mic!  Thanks much.  I appreciate partnering with you.

Warren Anderson, Elgin Evangelical Free Church