AT&T spends $1.9 billion to expand 4G LTE service across the USA

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If you're still using older 700MHz wireless systems, look out! Back in 2010, it became illegal to continue using wireless microphones in the what's been called "700MHz range." Specifically, any wireless microphone operating between 698-806MHz, became off-limits in order to make room for new wireless uses by the major carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

About five years ago, we began to write about these changes, and then started to warn you that the major wireless carriers had paid a lot of money and didn't intend to let the bandwidth sit idle. Soon, the "Lower B Block frequencies" will be idle no more.  Some of you continue to choose to take your chances, and are finding out the hard way that time is running out.

We've learned that AT&T intends to use the new bandwidth (former TV Channel 53 from 704-710MHZ and former TV Channel 58 from 734-740MHz) to expand its 4G LTE coverage across 18 states -- Colorado, California, Idaho, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming -- by the Summer of 2014.

If you've gotten away with continuing to use 700MHz wireless like some of the Audio Technica 1400 Series, the 1st generation Sennheiser Evolution Wireless, and others, it's time to make a switch. One of these days, those big AT&T towers will get turned on and it'll be the end of the line for these older units.

We've been helping people navigate the changes to the wireless spectrum since the day these changes were announced, and we have several good options (and some rebate deals to help ease the pain) to keep you away from changes that might transpire in the future. Call us anytime.


Blackmagic Cinema Camera - New lower prices!

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With the release of the new MFT version of its Cinema Camera earlier this month, Blackmagic lowered the price of both the EF and the MFT by $1000 to just $1995. 
With the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF, you'll get one of the world’s finest digital film cameras featuring a machined aluminum chassis, interchangeable optics (using EF compatible lens mount), high resolution 2.5K sensor, 13 stops of dynamic range and 12-bit RAW uncompressed and compressed ProRes and DNxHD file formats! The camera includes sun shield, power supply, carry strap, UltraScope waveform monitoring software and a full version of DaVinci Resolve Software for Windows and Mac OS X.
In addition to the same basic feature and accessory set, get an even wider range of lens compatibility with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT with Passive Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount! Perfect for MFT lenses or even adapters to other lens mounts such as PL.

Legendary Bassist Abraham Laboriel, Sr. Chooses StageSource L3t for Bass Rig

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Growing up in Mexico City, little did Abraham Laboriel know he'd one day become the most popular session bassist ever, with over 4,000 recordings to his credit. Originally a classically trained guitarist, Laboriel switched to bass at age 24, embarking on an incredible career highlighted by sessions with Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Larry Carlton and many more. After playing through countless rigs, Laboriel recently decided to leave traditional bass amps behind and move forward with the full-range StageSource L3t loudspeaker – giving him the sonic accuracy he needs to fully express himself.

How did your upbringing in Mexico City contribute to your development as a musician?
I grew up in Mexico City, the son of Garifuna parents from Honduras, a people with their own very rich musical culture. My dad was a great guitarist, songwriter and performer who traveled throughout Latin America, mastering all the local rhythms. He started teaching me guitar and Latin rhythms.

My older brother Johnny was a huge rock 'n' roll star in Mexico in the '50s. The American companies sent him the recordings of all their latest hits for him to translate into Spanish and record as covers. So at an early age, I had access to hit records and started playing along. I was also exposed to jazz and fell in love. I was able to sneak backstage at the Bellas Artes to meet Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, The Modern Jazz Quartet and many others.

Read more: Legendary Bassist Abraham Laboriel, Sr. Chooses StageSource L3t for Bass Rig


Line 6 Wireless - Superior Sound. Amazing Savings.

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If you’ve been thinking about getting a wireless microphone system or upgrading your current one, now is the time. From now through August 31, you can get up to $150 back on XD-V—powerful, great sounding and easy-to-use digital wireless systems available.

$150 mail-in rebate on XD-V75
$100 mail-in rebate on XD-V55
$50 mail-in rebate on XD-V35

Terms and conditions apply. Download the rebate form and learn more.

What makes XD-V systems different? Line 6 has been making digital wireless systems for longer than anyone else. It’s the same technology used in the industry-standard Relay® instrument wireless that’s been proven on major world tours.

XD-V also offers something only Line 6 can provide—incredible mic models (handheld systems) and EQ filters (bodypack systems) that let you choose the sound that’s right for your voice. And with one-step setup, superior audio specs and the widest available range, you get a solution that no one else can touch.


Gurus of Tech

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by Dave Horn

I will be in Chicago at the Gurus of Tech conference on Tuesday, May 21, and Wednesday, May 22.  Gurus is one of the largest gatherings of church tech people in the country and it's being held at the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. 

Registeration is still open and it's as cheap as free.  $25 donation suggested.  The lineup of speakers is world-class, and I'll be there, too.  If you see me, stop me and say hello; it'll be great to see you there.

And if you need something while I'm gone, just call the office.  Gary Williams will be handling my calls, the guys will still be installing equipment, and the warehouse crew will be making sure that your orders get shipped on time. 


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