Slate Projection Screen - Now Shipping!

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Did you ever wonder why the color black doesn't look very black when you look at your projection screen?  The truth is that the darkest part of the picture can only be as dark as the darkest part of the screen at any given light level, and when you start with white or grey fabric, it's pretty hard to get a nice, dark black in a well-lighted room.  White and grey screens are as good at reflecting ambient light as they are at reflecting the projected image, so the colors simply wash out. 

Screen Innovations was founded to fill the void and to make better projection a reality.  With Slate, you'll get 65% ambient light rejection from all sides.  Compare that to less than 15% from a typical high-end white or grey screen (even less from basic screens or a painted wall).  The result is richer color, improved perceived brightness, and very likely the need for projectors that are less expensive. 

Made in the USA, Slate™ is a flexible multi-particle optical screen offered in standard sizes up to 200” 16:9; larger sizes are available on request.  Please call us for more information on how Slate can be integrated into your presentation or worship space. 


Don't turn out the lights!

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Buy a brighter projector, turn off the lights, dim the lights near the screens, get motorized shades for the windows, schedule your events at a time when the sun isn't streaming through the windows.  We've all been there.  We've all hoped for a better way. 

Screen Innovations (SI) is the undisputed world leader in ambient-light rejection screen technology, and they've done it again!  Following seven years of success with Black Diamond™, SI now offers Slate™ which enables your projection system to excel in high ambient light environments.

Slate was invented to provide the best picture possible, but at a lower cost than Black Diamond, and by eliminating 65% of the room's ambient light, it also eliminates the need to settle for white or gray screens. Matte white screens reject only about 10% of ambient light. 

Made in the USA, Slate is a flexible multi-particle optical screen offered in standard sizes up to 200” 16:9; larger sizes are available on request. 

With its high performance and efficiency, Slate allows us to pair it with projectors with lower light output in order to create an optimal price-performance solution for you.  

Slate is available in Motorized, Zero Edge™, and Fixed Frame screen formats.  Fixed frame screen pricing for 100” diagonal 16:9 is $1799.00.  187" for $3899. 

Let us help you design the right projection solution today! 


Better, Brighter, Cheaper from Panasonic - great for you!

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In 2013, you can afford a lot more technology for worship than you could at any time in the past.  With overseas manufacturing and competitive pressures, prices seem to drift steadily lower.  That's great for you, the customer, since your dollars go further. 

By now, virtually every church in the US has a video projector, or two, or more.  We rarely get a call from a church planning for its first projector.  The calls are generally 2nd or 3rd upgrades and often to wide format projectors to better accommodate HD signals.  And the price keeps dropping.  Just like computers, you can generally spend the same amount of money year in and year out to get a mid-range projector, but this year's models are generally brighter and better at the same price point.  Again, good news for you. 

So far, 2013 has been a quiet year for projectors.  There just hasn't been much new equipment yet.  For the most part, we're offering the same lineup of projectors that we were at this time last year, and they're neither better nor cheaper.  That makes Bill, our web guy, happy since he has to keep the site updated with new gear and pricing.  It doesn't make for exiting headlines and articles to grab your attention though, and that's what we like to shout about. 

Finally, Panasonic decided to step in with an update to its lineup with the release of the new PT-VW440U and PT-VX510U.

Read more: Better, Brighter, Cheaper from Panasonic - great for you!


Meet Camron Ware of Visual Worshiper

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I recently met Camron Ware through Mike Sessler of Church Tech Arts and we think that you'd like to get to know him, too.

Growing up, Camron was that kid, that creative kid; the one who you asked to run lights because you didn't have any one else, the one who tried new things, the one who didn't know how it was supposed to be done, and the one who ended up changing the way his church looked at worship.  Fast forward 15 years, and today Camron is helping churches all over the country invigorate the visual part of their worship experience.

Camron heads Visual Worshiper and created the methods we've come to know as Environmental Projection (EP). EP is the process is transforming today's "blank canvas" worship spaces into dynamic visual spaces through the use of lighting and projection technologies.

Imagine projecting scenes or themed graphics onto unconventional spaces like the walls, the floor, or even the outside of your worship facility. The possibilities for what you do are only as limited as your creativity.

And that's where Camron and his crew come in. They travel the country helping churches design, install, and then train clients on the use of EP in their worship spaces.

If you'd like more information, read Camron's story here.  Look at his design gallery here.  If you connect with him, make sure to mention that you heard about him from us. Sometime soon, Camron will be in Columbus to help us create some dynamic spaces at my own church, so keep an eye on these pages for the transformation.


Roland V-Mixer iPad App Available in October

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OS upgrades are often fraught with difficulty, and you generally don't know that you have a problem until it's too late.  This time, we have a heads up for you! 

The existing Roland M-480, M-300, and M-200i Remote iPad applications in the iTunes store are not 100% functional with iOS7 - which is launching Sept.18, so don't update your iPad to iOS7 until the Roland update is released. Updates are prepared and should be available sometime in October.

Known Issues M-480 and M-300 Remote:

• Not able to edit and store a scene. The window will come up but you will not be able to edit the name. If you press "OK" the new scene will be stored but with the existing name.

Known Issues M-200i Remote:

• Can not store scenes.
• Can not edit the name of the following parameters on channels (Input, Bus, DCA, Mute Group.)
• Can not store or edit a name in the library.
• Can not edit the name of songs in the USB Memory Recorder section.
• Song names do not appear or are not selectable.

I'm often first in line for updates and new features, and we've heard great things about iOS7 in general, but it'll be best to wait until Roland releases the new App version prior to taking the plunge.  If you have questions, please feel free to call. 


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What others say

Hi Dave,
We were incredibly impressed by the work the guys did. The system sounds great and Gary was a great help to us getting our feet wet with the new board. I feel pretty comfortable on it and I think most of our guys do as well.

Rev. Matthew Slater
Champion Church of the Nazarene