Do You Need More Choir? - Heil PR30

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COTR_Choir_2You got it.

Let me be frank. The Heil PR30 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone may be the very best microphone you will ever use for your choir - at least that's what our clients tell us.

This story begins a little over six years ago when one of our clients called with a question. He asked whether I thought that a dynamic microphone would work as an effective choir microphone.  My first reaction was a definitive "maybe" but that a dynamic microphone probably wouldn't be sensitive enough.

Boy, was I wrong.

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Last Call! Shure 700MHZ Wireless Rebate

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Are you trading in your old wireless units?

If not, why not?  I'm puzzled by the lack of overall response to Audio-Technica, Shure, and Sennheiser's offers to trade in old 700MHZ wireless microphones for newer units.  Deadlines have come and gone.  Actually Shure is still offering rebates through the end of the year - up to $1000 off on select systems. Many wireless microphone users have upgraded and are enjoy the benefits of more modern technology and more reliable performance, but many more users have decided to take a wait and see approach.

Earlier this year, the FCC granted permission for wireless telephone carriers and radio manufacturers for public safety radios (fire, police, etc.) to begin to use the 700MHZ range.  Technically, the range is 698-806MHZ.  Whatever the case, the wireless phone companies (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) paid billions of dollars for their part of the radio frequency spectrum and they're beginning to test the frequencies, even though the new technology hasn't made it to market yet. And their testing and eventual use will affect the wireless microphones operating in that range.

We've received reports from users in Columbus, OH, Huntington, WV, Dayton, OH, Cincinnati, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Fort Wayne, IN, and others who suddenly have interference one week when things were quiet the week before.  Places like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles have had similar problems with wireless use for a long time, too.  Here in Columbus, we began to get interference reports in the summer of 2008.

The FCC has not issued a cease and desist order yet, so it's still technically legal to use what you have.  The larger question is, is it smart?  Right now, you have one last chance to get significant discounts on new Shure wireless microphone equipment.  That window ends on December 31, 2009.  In 2010, there will be no resale value for your old wireless units and the discounts will have expired.  You may as well get "something" for your wireless units while you can, right?!

One of these days, your wireless microphones will not work reliably due to interference from new sources in the 700MHZ band.

About a month ago, one of our long-term clients called to say, "It happened." Several of his units began to take audible clicks and pops that rendered most of his wireless microphones useless.

Why not take this last chance from Shure to get a rebate that will not be available in 2010 when you need it?  That church did, and they're thrilled with better performance and the peace of mind knowing that "It" won't happen again.

There's nothing worse than a wireless microphone that doesn't work properly.  Please call if you have questions.


Heil PR48 - New from Heil Sound

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December 7, 2009


(Fairview Heights, IL) Heil Sound has introduced the PR 48 large diaphragm dynamic microphone designed for kick drum use.  The PR 48 features a 1.5-inch diameter element, and is mounted in a vulcanized double shock mount, which offers complete isolation within a rugged cast metal housing. The PR 48 metal housing was designed with a slanted entrance to the 3 pin XLR so the cable assembly is easier to connect. A specially designed low pass filter sets the -3 dB hinge points at 30Hz and 8kHz with a +10 dB peak from 50 Hz to 80 Hz.  The response rolls off at 8kHz, which helps control unwanted top end “noise” inside the drum, while keeping frequencies critical to kick drum harmonics found when the beater meets the drum head. The microphone provides a 600-ohm balanced output and can handle over 150 dB of SPL.


Company founder, Bob Heil, made a decision to develop a microphone for the kick drum after talks with many of today’s top drummers and sound mixers. “The kick drum is arguably one of the most important instruments on stage or in a studio when it comes to micing. It is a tricky beast. Just because a microphone shows specs that favor low-end reproduction doesn’t necessarily guarantee good results. The feedback that I received from the pros as well as my own research, confirmed that a microphone can and needed to be developed for this purpose. The PR 48 is the end result and I am very proud of it.”


Originally featured as a part of Heil Sound’s HDK Series drum microphone kits, and now offered as a stand alone product, the PR 48 has quickly become a favorite of top drummers and sound engineers. Kick drums pounded for the likes of the B-52’s, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, The Wallflowers and Sheryl Crow are using the PR 48 in concert. Alan ‘Nobby” Hopkinson, FOH mixer for Tool had this to say, “The new PR 48 is killer, absolutely loving it, I actually cut right back on the sub bass harmonizer I've used for ever on the kicks, as your mic is giving me all the low end I could ever need, and indeed the system can handle.”


Established in 1966, Heil Sound Ltd. has developed many professional audio innovations over the years, and is currently a world leader in the design and manufacture of large diaphragm dynamic, professional grade microphones for live sound, broadcast, recording, and amateur radio markets. Heil Sound maintains corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Fairview Heights, Illinois.


Why we do what we do.

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Welcome to our new site!

A couple years ago, we began a quest to do something a little different with what would become the new  The trouble is that there aren't any out-of-the-box website solutions that do exactly what we wanted to do.  Our goal was to bring technology and information together in a way that allows you to discover new products and to have some assurance that what you find at is the right solution for you.

Money spent on a product that doesn't work is not a solution; it's wasted.  Wasted money and good stewardship do not go hand in hand.  A few years ago, we discussed the possibility of teaching a seminary class in the use of technology for worship.  That class didn't materialize, but it sure would help, wouldn't it?!

The reality is that even though you might think that more experience in equipment use and selection would come in handy sometimes, there's a good reason that you've never taken that class.  Most days, there are more important things for you to do than to spend time figuring out what to buy. 

There are two parts to the stewardship equation; yours and ours. What's your part? Making sure that you buy the right product. That's it. What's ours? Helping you find the right product.  It's really just that simple. 

If you call us or look around the new site, you'll find that everything we do is related to technology for worship.  Sure, the products we offer can be used in a variety of applications - schools, businesses, bands, clubs, and more, and we have many clients in those areas.   

The new is committed to making sure that you find solutions that make your worship experience more effective.

Whether you need a microphone, a video projector, or even a system overhaul, we will help you choose products that are right for you - period.



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Just wanted to encourage you in what you do, I stumbled across you (excuse the pun) somehow via the net a few years ago. I only have purchased one item from you as I am in Australia a while back, but I do enjoy reading all about your products and the way you present them. I look forward to the next one.

Kind regards,
Trevor Simmons
Coastlands City Campus Adelaide