MyMix Personal Mixer/Recorder - An actual user review

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We've found the mymix system to work extremely well for us in the church context. For starters, it enables the musicians to be able to control 16 inputs. This alone is a wonderful feature, considering we came from a system with only 7 input controls. But our musicians have also really enjoyed the other features of each individual mixer: personal EQ, onboard effects, pan, etc. During the first rehearsal with the new system, our electric guitar player and drummer were already trying to convince the rest of the band to try new effects they had discovered. Very intuitive interface...our band was able to use the system immediately with very little direct instruction. Further, the mixers accept an sd card, which can record every individual track for later remixing or personal rehearsal. This feature is simply amazing. But perhaps most impressive is the quality of the sound. The mymix delivers superb quality audio, enabling our musicians to play to their fullest potential. We've been extremely pleased with the overall system thus far. It has been our best tech investment for quite some time.

Jason Wilson, Worship Pastor, the Journey at First Baptist, Orange City, Florida

For more information on MyMix, please click here, or call 800-747-7301.