Mackie HD1531 High Definition 3-Way Powered Loudspeaker

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Why a 3-way? The Mackie HD1531 High Definition 3-Way Powered Loudspeaker

hd1531Many loudspeaker systems are 2-way; they have a low frequency device coupled with a high-frequency device. Most professional systems are 3-way (low, mid, high) or 4-way (low, mid, high, sub). Why? In the simplest sense, the less a speaker component has to reproduce in terms of frequency response, the better it can do its job.

Imagine a typical 2-way speaker. One woofer and one horn take care of lows and highs, so many loudspeakers have lots of “bump” and some “sizzle.” Sound system operators often equalize their system so that music sounds good, again by adding “bump” and “sizzle.”

While that may work in your car or home stereo, it doesn’t always work well in the pro audio realm. Without the third component to cover the mid-frequencies, vocal clarity and accuracy can suffer, especially with less expensive speakers. And without midrange definition, your words can get lost.  That's not what you want, especially in the worship setting.

The new Mackie HD1531 is the new 3-way option in its High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers. The addition of the mid-frequency component gives back clarity and accuracy (even if you exaggerate low and high frequencies otherwise) since there’s a device specially designed to cover the very important midrange frequencies that give your words intelligibility and clarity – when spoken or sung.

Good mid-range definition doesn’t stop with vocals. Accurate midrange helps every aspect of every instrument – from guitar, to drums, to keyboards, to bass guitar and more. The HD1531 delivers up to 1800W of peak system power via Mackie’s new Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplification. Mackie’s new high-definition audio processing combines the power of precision crossovers, time correction and acoustic correction for striking clarity and performance.

System tuning and custom speaker components by EAW create an optimized system that can be easily configured for your application using the integrated 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid. The sleek, all-wood cabinet design is pole-mountable and flyable, providing flexible mounting options for portable or installation uses.

In addition to extraordinary clarity and definition, the HD1531 is capable of delivering very solid low-frequency sound and surprisingly high overall output.

This is the first time that we've seen a 3-way active-powered loudspeaker with these performance characteristics available at this price point.

Mackie HD1531 High-Definition 3-Way Powered Loudspeaker $1199.99 each – in stock! Click here to order today.