Line 6 XD70 ­– A solution to the wireless microphone dilemma.

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What sound does an analog wireless make when it encounters interference?
Successful wireless microphone operation is a hot topic right now. Many of you have moved yourselves out of the 700MHZ band (698-806MHZ) over the last couple years in response to changes made by the FCC. Some of you didn’t, and are taking your chances that your units will continue to work. 
With possible fines (while unlikely) and use of the 700MHZ band becoming more widespread by AT&T, Verizon and others (very likely), we can’t recommend that you continue to take your chances.  

Just this morning, a client called to ask “Is Shure still doing those ‘good’ rebate deals?” Unfortunately, those expired at the end of June, 2010. 
If you’re getting away with continuing to use the 700MHZ frequencies or if you simply need some new wireless systems, consider the new Line 6 XD-V70L digital lavalier systems and the XD-V70 digital handheld systems.
Most of you moved into the 400, 500 & 600MHZ bands, but have you considered the 2.4GHZ range? It’s nowhere near digital television stations, and depending on where you live it may be the safest bet for clear transmission of wireless signals going forward, Thankfully, Line 6 has made professional digital wireless systems both affordable and high performance. 
Early reports from the field have sounded like this:
   “The quietest wireless microphone I’ve ever heard.” 
   “The quality of construction is amazing. I forgot that these things could be made of out metal.” 
   “I can’t make it (the handheld system) distort, as hard as I try.  And I'm yelling into it.”
   “I like that I can choose different sounds on the handheld.” 
   “A built in antenna splitter? Awesome!” 
A digital wireless system operates differently from an analog unit. Most of the systems sold today (even the high-end units) are analog. Don't get me wrong, being digital doesn't automatically make it a superior product.  It's just different. 
What are some of the benefits of a digital wireless system? 
If you really, reallty want to know, click here to download a technical paper with as much detail as Line 6 felt it needed to write to satisfy the tech geek in all of us. Well, in some of us. 
The bottom line is that the new XD-V70 systems are reliable, they’re ruggedly built, they operate in a part of the frequency spectrum that’s far, far away from digital television, and they sound really good. 
We’re one of the first dealers in the country to have these. And they’re in stock. Don’t wait. Good thing like this tend to sell pretty quickly.