Line 6 Backtrack + Mic Digital Recorder - you can afford it!

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You can afford a digital recorder.

Line 6 has changed the game, once again, in the realm of digital recording. This time, by making it affordable enough for anyone.

Portable digital recorders can seem complicated. This one's not.  Old-style cassette-based dictation recorders have moving parts and use magnetic tape, and are becoming a thing of the past.

The Line 6 Backtrack + Mic is designed to record your voice or your instrument, or a feed from the sound system. It has a 1/4" input, a 1/4" output and an onboard microphone for anytime that you're inspired to create or come up with a thought.

Get inspired? Plug the Backtrack + Mic in and it starts recording when it "hears" a signal. It's always ready.

It can record up to 24 hours of audio, has over 8 hours of battery life on a full charge, and makes a great redundant recorder for your sound system.

Pastors, musicians, and sound techs will like this compact powerhouse, especially since it's just $49.99. Buy two, and we'll ship the pair at no additional charge.

The Backtrack + Mic utilizes flash memory, records in full-fledged .WAV format, and utilizes USB 2.0 for file transfer. Its battery is also charged by the USB connection. No external power supplies or batteries needed.

Nice. We've got them, but supplies are limited.  Click here to order now.