Kramer 1.24 Firmware Upgrade for VP-728 and VP-729 Presentation Switchers

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Recently released, and not mentioned in the upgrade documentaiton, you'll find that a couple neat features have been added to the new firmware for the Kramer VP-728/729. Firmware version 1.24.  Click here for version history and to download now. 

With the installation of the 1.24 firmware (direct upgrade from any previous firmware version), the unit features per-channel defeatable HDCP. What that means to you is that the unit will switch between sources more quickly with HDCP turned off.  The HDCP "handshake" is the reason that it takes longer for your television set to change channels than it used to.  HDCP is also the reason that it takes awhile for video switchers with digital inputs to make quick transitions between soruces. 

HDCP is only a concern if you're playing a Blu-Ray disc (or other copy-protected material that might be recorded digitally), but if you're using a camera or some sort of DVI output into the HDMI input, you can turn off HDCP for that channel only and the unit will not attempt the HDCP handshake, thus the faster switch between sources.  Again, it's per channel, so you can leave HDCP intact for Blu-Ray on one channel and turn it off for a non-HDCP source on the other.  

In addition, the new firmware allows you to select a custom screen size. No big deal, right?! Actually, it is. When you select the custom screen size option, you can then tell the VP-728/729 to discover the EDID information from the display (projector or monitor) itself, so you'll avoid absolutely all scaling, again improving processing delay and avoiding latency. 

If you have questions or would like us to perform the upgrade for you, please call, and we'll work it out.  If you're local, we can send a tech to do the upgrade or we can perform the upgrade in-house for those outside the area.