Dynacord D-Lite Speaker System

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Dynacord D-Lite Speaker System - We're selling our mint-condition demo system for less than dealer cost!

At the NAMM Show 2008 (yes, about two years ago), Dynacord introduced its new D-Lite series of speakers.  More than a year later, they were finally out and shipping in quantity – and they were worth waiting for.  Another year later they're available by special order only with a 12 week lead time to bring them infrom Germany.  Crazy!

Being a fan of small, lightweight speakers (and equipment in general), I was blown away.  I leave the heavy lifting to the 20-year-olds.  With the D-Lite, it was more what I heard than what I saw that impressed me, however.  The small package was just a bonus.

This particular D-Lite system makes a perfect portable or semi-permanent system for small-medium rooms and rehearsal spaces.  And in this case, we’ve put my money where our mouths are.  We own one of these, and it’s actually in zippered carry bags right behind my chair.  I pack them out to weekend gigs every couple months, just for fun. 

DSC01514I can have the system set up in minutes.  The Powersub 312 has internal amplification and powers everything – the Sub 112, and the 2 D-8 satellite speakers.  Plug in one power cable, run three speaker cables, put the speaker poles into the subs, mount the satellite speakers and you’re done.  The entire speaker and amp portion of the system can be set up in about 5 minutes, by one person, and it can fit into a car trunk. 

Sure it’s small, but how does it sound?  The subs are only 12”, for crying out loud!  I’ve heard a lot of sound systems in my life and I was impressed enough to buy this one.  I have lots of fun having people give a snicker when they see the rig coming in, and every time I've taken it out, people stand with their jaw on the floor (that's a hard task) once the system gets fired up.

Dynacord spent quite a lot of time making sure that they picked the right components.  The highs are clear, the mids natural and the bass nice, deep and punchy – and the system is amazingly loud with great clarity, even response, and it throws surprisingly well over distance.  The subs get down to an amazing 43Hz.  This is the perfect small sound system.  Sure, there are bigger, louder systems, but at this size, I haven’t heard anything that comes close.

Here's our problem.  With the long lead time, it's very hard to manage inventory.  We just can't gauge who's going to want what and when.

The D-Lite System that we're selling is composed of 2 D-8, 1 Powersub 312, 1 Sub 112, two speaker mounting poles, and a power cable.  If you buy the system itself, I’ll throw in a set of heavily-padded nylon speaker covers and all of the line and speaker cables you need (to length).  To the left of the speakers, that's a 30" high desktop to give you an idea of size.

Dynacord D-Lite System Not $5560

Below dealer cost at $2995, shipped anywhere in the lower 48 United States at no additional charge. 

Like my dad taught me, sometimes saving money isn’t the ultimate objective when buying tools to serve your needs.  From a technical standpoint, having a great performance or worship experience every time out should be your primary goal.  And saving time, space, and/or knowing that you have the highest quality, and consistent performance is worth a lot more than I used to think.  I hope that you’ll agree.