Delvcam KPR-LCD 2RU Rack Mount with High Resolution LCD Monitor for AJA Ki Pro

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Securely mount your AJA full size Ki Pro in the Delvcam KPR-LCD 2RU rack mount with integrated high resolution LCD monitor (with audio monitor functions). Immeditely monitor the Ki Pro's Recording and Playback functions, and prevent recording and audio phase errors. 

Confidence monitor for audio from the Ki-Pro through the integrated amplifier and speaker in the Delvcam KPR-LCD rack mount/monitor with Left-Right-Mute and volume controls.

Also, the Delvcam KPR-LCD rack mount/monitor uses the composite video and RCA connectors on the Ki Pro so the existing SDI, HDMI, Component Video and XLR Audio connectors are available for your primary interface.

Video Monitoring: 4.3" High Resolution 480 x 234 Color LCD Panel
Audio Monitoring: 8-Watt Integrated Amp/Speaker
Independent L/R Muting
Audio Level Control

Price is $479.95.  Add an AJA KiPro for a total of $4195.  Call for more info.