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Most days, the first thing that I think about in the morning is that I'm thankful for lots of things.  This week, we're reminded quite often about thankfulness, as we celebrate American Thanksgiving. 

Yesterday, our pastor shared the story of a woman who had challenged herself to find 1000 things for which she was thankful.  I considered her task for a few minutes. 

Let's see; family, friends, God's grace, a purposeful business, a warm house, a car that starts every time, freedom, plenty, OSU football.  OK, that's 9. 

Nine, and you might consider at least one of those to be pretty shallow.  I could certainly go on, but could I make it to 1000 without being silly about it?  Apparently, she had. 

I haven't tried to make a list, so I can't tell you yet, but I can say Thank You! to you for making what we do possible. 

Let's take her challenge and choose to focus on our blessings rather than on the things that make us frustrated and that divide us one from another.  Life is a lot more rewarding when you look for the good stuff. 

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Dave Horn

Dave Horn

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