Countryman E6 Flex – the Best of Both Worlds

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Countryman E6 Flex – the Best of Both Worlds


Our best-selling professional microphone – now improved!  Countryman listened and improved the E6 by introducing the new E6 Flex Earset microphone.  The E6 Flex combines the popular slim earpad from the original E6 with the flexible boom from the E6i.

Earset performance doesn’t get much better.

For the past several years, Countryman has surged into prominence by producing a miniature earset microphone that many companies copied.   The original E6 sounded great, was very durable, and provided a level of performance never before available.

Now, it’s even better!

With the E6 Flex, Countryman has made a couple improvements while not sacrificing sound quality.  The thin earpad on the E6 Flex doesn’t interfere with hairstyles, eyeglasses, wardrobe, headphones, or in-ear monitors. The front boom of the E6 Flex is slightly firmer than the E6i, so it’s easily shaped right on the wearer’s face and smoothes out for a professional look.

Great sound, less feedback.

Frequency response is better than 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB (the range of human hearing). Easy adjustment keeps the mic in the perfect position for maximum isolation.

Countryman earsets reduce feedback an average of 12 dB compared to a lavalier or lapel microphone.

Still Rugged and Reliable

Made of durable stainless steel, the E6 Flex stands up to daily handling, makeup, and sweat. The microphone element is virtually waterproof when used with the supplied protective caps.

If you have questions about how the new E6 will work for you, please call 800-747-7301.  E6 Flex Omnidirectional models start at $369.95 and are available for immediate shipment for virtually all wireless microphone transmitters.  E6 Flex Directional models start at $429.95.  Use the E6 Directional for applications with high-volume stage monitor speakers.