Control StudioLive mixers with multiple iPads!

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With their new free iPad app, "front of house" can be anywhere in your church!  Up to 10 praise band musicians can control their own monitor mixes.  

Introducing StudioLive Remote, the free iPad app that works with any PreSonus digital mixer.  It gives you hands-on control of channel levels, mutes, panning, EQ and more for multiple channels at once.  Click for a closeup Fat Channel view.  Tweak monitor mix levels, panning and processing.  Adjust the graphic EQ's, well...graphically.  

Combine Studio Live Remote with Capture (2-click multitrack recording program), VSL, plus Studio One artist DAW, and your church has the most versatile, affordable live mixing/recording solution ever.  

Get the whole story here. 

And then get a StudioLive.  We've got them in stock for immediate shipment!

Imagine allowing your sound technicians and your individual musicians to have control of your StudioLive anywhere in the room. Think of it as a "free" personal monitor mixer with no wires required.