Change pitch and tempo on songs on your iPhone and iPod Touch!

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Denon Professional | Pitch Control App
The DENON Professional Pitch Control App is a free application (available to download from the App Store) that enables independent Key and Tempo (Pitch) manipulation of your audio tracks in real time. 

Simply playback your chosen tracks using the the iPhone/iPod Touch music files via the app's intuitive layout of choice (artist, title, album and playlist filters) and use the touch screen controls to speed up or slow down the music as you would using a Professional CD player with Pitch control, but with your iTunes library. 

Master Key adjustment is included in the App, allowing the musical key to be maintained while changing the tempo of the music, making this app the perfect accompaniment for music teachers and students, gym, fitness or dance instructors, or anyone that demands additional control over their audio tracks stored on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Think about that.  With your iPhone or iPod Touch, you'll now have the ability to change pitch and tempo independently.  It used to cost $600 to buy a CD player that would allow you to rehearse songs at a different tempo and in the same key, or to change the pitch while preserving the tempo for an accompaniment track.  And it's free.  Download it here

As far as a review, the app just works, and it's free.  I downloaded it today and had it working in about 10 seconds.  It preserved the key while changing tempo and vice-versa.  Use it as a rehearsal tool, an exercise aid, or for live performance.