Blizzard Rocklite RGBAW - warm white light from an LED!

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A year ago, we were working on a lighting system for a church who wanted the benefits of color LED fixtures.  For those of you who aren't familiar with color LED's, each lighting fixture allows you to mix and change colors across the entire spectrum (in theory) and uses very little electrical power.  No more changing gels for different moods and effects, no more needing a major upgrade to your electrical service, lower ongoing utility costs, less heat buildup, and ability to change colors with almost limitless possibilities.  That's really attractive right?!  A year ago, prices ranged from about $800 to about $1100 for each fixture. 

I also mentioned the "in theory" part, right?  From junior high school science, we all know that the combination of Red, Blue and Green makes perfect White.  Well, in a typical LED fixture, the combination of those colors makes a perfectly cool bluish-white that makes flesh tones look fairly eerie.  It's not a flattering look.

What we were finding a year ago was that...

...only the higher end fixtures from ETC and Philips were being made with the addition of Amber and White LED's in order to give that elusive warmer white that renders flesh tones more accurately.  For many of our clients, those fixtures were (and still are) simply out of reach in terms of price.  At the time, I remember saying to one of our clients that if they had time to wait that new products would be entering the market, and now, they have. 

Recently, Blizzard Lighting entered the RGBAW (red, green, blue, amber, white) market segment with its Rocklite RGBAW.  This Rocklite quickly became Blizzard's best selling fixture into the worship marketplace.  The addition of A & W LED's make the White output the right color temperature, plus with its 36 3-Watt LED's, this Rocklite RGBAW has enough output to be used as a primary fixture in many auditoriums. 

One of the first churches to audition the Rocklite RGBAW will be incorporating a total of 24 into its new worship space, another has a couple with plans for several more, and we'll be installing at least 8 of them in my own church.  So far, the Rocklite RGBAW looks like a winner and it's only $399.95

If you're ready to be done with changing out gels, or have been putting off that lighting upgrade due to a lack of electrical capacity, consider the Rocklite RGBAW from Blizzard.