Better Sound, Less Feedback - DBX Driverack PA+

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Better sound, less feedback.

I recently described the features of the DBX Driverack PA+ to a client who had called to buy a new equalizer.  When I rattled off that the Driverack PA+ featured not only a 1/3 octave stereo equalizer, but also a stereo compressor, a stereo peak limiter, an advanced stereo feedback controller, a stereo crossover, a sub-harmonic synthesizer (deeper bass), alignment delay, parametric equalizer and an system set-up wizard to make it easy to use, he said “How can I say no?” 

He wasn’t joking.  He was prepared to pay almost the same amount of money to have just an equalizer.  The DBX DriveRack makes any sound system louder and clearer – without adding more speakers or more amplifiers, and at the price, there’s nothing better that you can do for your sound. 

The best feature of all is the Room Correction with Automatic EQ.  Using this feature requires a special microphone (just an extra $99.95), but it takes the guesswork out of setting the equalizer.  Just plug the microphone in, turn on the auto-equalization function and the DriveRack goes to work setting the room flat or to one of the preset room curves that are included with the DriveRack PA+. 

Better equalization takes care of annoying feedback and muddy or unnatural sound.  When your system EQ is correct, performing basic tasks like adjusting low and high frequency tone controls on each channel actually make a nice difference in your sound – exactly what you were hoping to do. 

Compression smoothes out peaky instruments or surging vocalists, allowing the overall average volume to be increased if necessary, without adding speakers or more powerful amplifiers.  Compression along with DBX’s patented Peak-Stop limiting protects your speakers from damaging surges such as feedback, extra-loud drums, loud vocalists, etc.  So whether you gain extra headroom (system capacity to reproduce loud program material without distortion), protect your speakers from damage, or just get a little bit of extra control of your system, you’re better off with the DriveRack PA+. 

Add to that DBX’s AFS automatic feedback control (attacks and removes annoying feedback), a sub-harmonic synthesizer to enhance low-end, a stereo crossover, and you’ve got a better sound system than the day before you installed your new DriveRack PA. 

Maybe you already have an equalizer.  One of our clients did.  Slightly embarrassed, he admitted that the auto-EQ function showed him a thing or two about his room that he hadn’t been able to figure out for several years.  Now, his system sounds better and acts the way it should.  That alone was worth the price to him. 

The DBX DriveRack PA+ is $499.95

Add the DBX RTA Microphone for $99.95.