Audio Technica 4000 Series Wireless - Better quality equals lower long-term costs!

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Wireless Microphones that Simply Work!

aew_4314_9Is there anything worse than when your wireless microphone doesn’t work? I can’t think of a thing. Not one. Hopefully, you’ve never had to deal with an intermittent wireless microphone. The message that churches bring each week is too important to be left to chance. Unfortunately, with more wireless devices in use, successfully using wireless microphones and trying to diagnose problems can be very frustrating.

The other day, we received a call from a new client who wanted to try a particular wireless microphone that he had seen advertised. The unit of interest had lots of neat features, and appeared to be top drawer in terms of quality. I was familiar with the unit, and actually can sell it if I so choose. The church is here in Columbus, Ohio, so I arranged an on-site demonstration of the wireless system. Just for kicks, I also took along an Audio Technica 4000 Series handheld system.

Initially, the church was hesitant to try the 4000 Series because the other unit had lots of really cool extra features and looked great. After I arrived at the church, we set up the 4000 Series and I handed it to the sound technician. He put it through its paces and he liked it – he just smiled when he heard his voice. He’s a radio guy, so a big, warm sound is very important. Later in the evening, the church had a special guest coming in, so we set it aside. I offered to set up the unit that they wanted to hear, and the technician said that he’d do it later. I went home.

A few days later, I called to check in. He raved about the Audio Technica – its warmth, its clarity, its appearance, its dendability, and he went on. I asked about the other unit. He simply said, “No” which wasn’t the answer to my question. I pressed him a little and he started to explain, and then just said “No” again. He didn’t even want to talk about the other unit.

When you find something that works, you stick with it.

The Audio Technica 4000 Series has fabulous features (996 channels UHF, automatic frequency scanning, dual companding, well-constructed metal transmitters, and more) and extraordinary sound quality. The other unit looked like the best of the best, but only where it doesn’t count – on paper.

When it comes to choosing a wireless system, you want one that works dependably, one that’s easy to use, that will last and one that sounds great! The 4000 Series is all of that. It’s the wireless system that I use at my own church for my own pastor. Why?

It works extraordinarily well week in and week out.

Our systems have been in service for five years - never a dropout, never a broken part -- they just work.

And equipment that does its job costs less in the long-run than buying cheap stuff and hoping for the best. 

The 4000 Series has appeared on lots of concert tours, and is part of the sound system at churches all over the country. Take it from me. You won't be disappointed.

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