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When it comes to video streaming solutions, we've learned a few things the hard way.  And sometimes, after learning the hard way, video streaming is still difficult.  The primary reason is that the public internet isn't always consistently as fast as your ISP claims. 

Many of our clients are smaller churches.  Why?  Well, because most churches are smaller churches.  So when a smaller church wants to stream video outside its walls, how much can it spend?  And how hard can it be to make it work?  The answers: not a lot, and it has to be simple. 

This isn't the solution you'd want if you have a second campus and need a life-size HD picture, but if you have various groups of people anywhere else who want to connect with you, whether they speak your language or are just staying home with a sick kid, this might be just what you need.  People can watch from any tablet, computer, smartphone, or internet-enabled television.  And yes, you could project its output onto a screen, too. 

This solution does not require a computer, it does not require encoding software and it doesn't even require any ongoing cost, if you're willing to watch an occasional advertisement.

Paid ad-free service is available for under $50 a month, and, believe me, there are good reasons to control the ads that surround your weekend services.  When watching on my smartphone, using the Livestream App, there were no ads to watch, even on the free service.  

Livestream makes a device that it calls Broadcaster, and it's really simple to use.  When I explained it to my pastor, he said, "Do you mean that for under $500 and a video camera that we can stream our services to my sister in Nashville?"   The answer is yes. 

When connected to a video camera via HDMI and the internet (wi-fi, wired Ethernet, cellular 3G/4G), the Broadcaster finds the connection, adjusts the resolution appropriate to available bandwidth andn lets you go live in minutes.  The Livestream web interface allows you set up followers, hold chat sessions, and to notify those followers via email of when your services are ready to begin.  And you can archive your services at the Livestream site.

The controls are pretty simple.  Once the connection to the Internet is established, there's a button called Go Live and one called Stop.  When you press Go Live or Stop, the Broadcaster asks, "Are you sure" and then offers a followup option to execute the command. 

The video below will show you how easy it is.

When paired with a Sony HXR-NX30U camera, you have a set-up that's HD and under $2500.  To that, you might have to add a camera tripod, and an audio cable from the mixer to the camera.  No more fiddling with your encoding software.  No dedicated computer to buy. It's darn near that simple.

Can you connect the output of your production switcher to the Livestream Broadcaster for a quick (or even a backup) solution?  You bet. 

For more info on the Livestream side of things, step over to Livestream's site today and sign up for an account.  Get your Broadcaster and your camera here.  And you'll be streaming faster than you ever thought possible.  Questions?  Call us anytime!