Innovation or Copycat? Voice Technologies VT901 Earset

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It's been more than five years since Countryman changed the face of audio with its E6, an ultraminiature earset microphone.  With tens of thousands sold, you could argue that the lavaliere microphone is nearly obsolete for live audio and that the E6 has been a gamechanger for speech applications.  With its success, the E6 spawned a host of copycat products; some good, some not so good and some better, but no one can argue that the E6 set the standard. 

A couple weeks ago, I called one of our suppliers to order a product for a client and a familiar voice answered the phone.  It was my friend Bryce Boynton.  For several years, Bryce worked for another microphone manufacturer, and he had just started the new job.

We talked for a few minutes about how a guy from Colorado was settling in in the northeast, and as we talked, he said, "Hey Dave, I have a microphone that I'd like you to try. It's an earset, and I think that you'll like it."  Bryce came from one of the world's premier microphone manufacturers to this position, so he's a microphone expert, and I thought to myself...

"Another earset.  Woo...hoo...  Just what the world needs."

Bryce went on to explain that this one's different (of course it is) and that it combines the features of two different microphones to make something that is better, and that it's somewhat less expensive, to boot.

We sell Countryman, Audio-Technica, Point Source, Mogan, Que Audio, and DPA earset microphones, among others.  Each has its own strengths.  Some are waterproof, you can't break others, some are inexpensive, some sound better than the rest, some offer cardioid microphones, and some fit certain types of ears better than others.  If there's one thing we know, it's earsets. 

So what made us decide to add the VT901 to our lineup?  Part of the challenge with earsets is that some sound great and some fit securely, but for certain types/shapes of ears, great sound and a great fit are hard to get in the same package. 

The VT901 from Voice Technologies (a Swiss company) features a flexible, spiral earloop that holds the microphone in place quickly and securely.  It's very similar to one of the most expensive earsets from another manufacturer in that regard.  No more bending and rebending (and sometimes breaking) your earset's earloop.  From what we've been told, the VT901 also features the same omnidirectional element that started the earset revolution.  Look closely at its shape and tell me if you think that it might be the same.

What sold me is that these sound just like the industry standard, and feature a secure ear loop like the most expensive mics we offer.  And the VT901 has a replaceable cable, too.  It's an awfully good combinaiton.  The VT901 starts at $269 unterminated and settles in at just less than $300 for most versions.  Click here for more information.