Bose L1 Compact - perfect portable PA system

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Could there be a more polarizing company in the universe of audio than Bose?  Bose's marketing slogan is "Better Sound Through Research".  Critics have restated that as "Better Sound Through Marketing" and have derided the product with chants of "No Highs, No Lows, must be Bose."  Frankly, I like Bose products, in general, and have wondered what I've been missing that others have found so easy to dislike.  Sure, they've had some dud products, but so has every other manufacturer on the planet. 

Let me introduce you to the Bose L1 Compact by telling you my story.  Several months ago, our Bose sales rep dropped off the L1 Compact and left it.  He said "Just try it someplace, and I think that you'll like it."  A week went by, and then another, and then two more.  I hadn't touched it, and I knew that he'd want it back.   Plus, I had given my word that I'd try it. 

At the church I attend, we were planning an outdoor service to dedicate our community garden and I had been asked to make sure that we had a sound system capable of accommodating both acoustically-flavored live music and the spoken word for about 150 people outdoors.  And any of you who don't have a dedicated portable sound system at your church (and who know what a pain it is to round up a system in order to take something outside) will appreciate what I'm about to write. 

I had spent the better part of two hours going down to church, looking through the youth system, the main system extra gear, even the old gear, and thinking about how to get the system outside while still being ready inside for the regular service.  That day, I would be the lone sound technician for both locations and there wasn't another experienced tech to be found, even to carry a speaker.  Thinking about what might have been unassisted set-up and tear-down, I was a little bit stressed and maybe a tad bit grumpy.  Maybe.  Most of you have probably never felt that way. 

Then it dawned on me.

I had the L1 Compact and I had promised to try it.  Our outdoor garden dedication would be the perfect event. 

The L1 Compact has two inputs.  One for a microphone and one for an instrument or line level input.  Since I needed five inputs, I brought an Allen & Heath ZED-14 mixer, the L1 Compact, and a couple direct boxes and three microphones with stands and cables.  I still hadn't heard the system, mind you.  Out of the back of my truck, I unloaded the two pieces of the L1 Compact, the mixer, and the direct box.  I placed it on a cart, wheeled it across the grass, and had it all set up in about 10 minutes.  The mixer fed the line level input and we were off to the races. 

I was very pleased with the overall sound quality.  There was plenty of bass, and the high frequency coverage was darn near 180 degrees.  We placed one L1 Compact at stage right and it covered the whole area with plenty of volume and clarity.  Both before and after the service, several people asked, "Is that the whole sound system?" or made comments like, "I can't believe that much sound comes out of such a small package."  We played pre- and post-service music at "fun" volume levels and the L1 Compact filled the area amazingly well. 

Until that day, I had never heard the L1 Compact.  I had heard the larger L1 systems, and they're pretty amazing.  I was surprised that the L1 Compact sounded so good.

Forget any thought of the whole "No highs, no lows, must be..."  Just forget it. 

My guess is that our next purchase in the realm of audio might well be an L1 Compact.  It sure beat carrying around a rack full of amplifiers and separate components, rounding up equipment, figuring out how to plug it all in and not trip the circuit breaker, and it's simple enough for novices to set up.

At our church, it'll see use in the Fellowship Hall as a portable system, outside for events in the garden, for our basketball league, at the summertime outdoor movie nights at the local pool, Easter Sunrise service in the park, or anywhere around the church where we need a system.  My pastor could easily carry it to the local Kiwanis club meeting, too.  The system there is awful. 

Will the L1 Compact replace your main sound system?  Likely not.  But believe me that you'll find plenty of uses for it, and I'm pretty sure that you'll like it. 

If you're in the Columbus area, come borrow our demo system for a day or two.  Bose offers a 30-day money back guarantee, too, so what's the risk?  Absolutely nothing.  And now through the end of June 2014 (this sale happens only twice per year), the price is $899 (normally $999), so now's a great time to figure out where you can use one yourself. 

Keep things simple, allow your volunteers to be successful, and you'll have no shortage of people who want to make your events great.  The L1 Compact is just one more way to do that.  And by the way, as it turned out, I had plenty of help to set up and to tear down that day.   

Please call us with your questions, or click here for more information (or to place an order).  In stock for immediate shipment.