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The world's best wired microphones, wireless

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The XD-V70 digital wireless microphone system from Line 6 delivers tremendous wireless performance. Exclusive digital technologies and the 2.4GHz broadcast ensure against all types of audible audio interference. Full-range frequency response, wide dynamic range and seven selectable models of popular live-sound mics allow you to tailor microphone selection for every vocalist and vocal application.

The handheld transmitter features six digital models that are based on top selling live-sound mics, including the Shure SM58, Shure Beta 58A, Sennheiser e835, Audio-Technica AE4100, Audix OM5 and Electro-Voice N D767a mic models.

Also included in the XD-V70 is a seventh model, the L6-DC7. The L6-DC7 is based on the combination of the frequency response of top condenser mics and the wide dynamic range of dynamic mics. As an added feature, the removable L6-DC7 capsule allows users to further customize the mic's polar pattern, frequency response and more.

If you need a great handheld system for under $500, take a look at the XD-V70 from Line 6.


Sennheiser Launches Battle Against Counterfeiters

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Sennheiser Launches Battle Against Counterfeiters [The Hartford Courant, Conn.]

Sennheiser Electronic Corp., a high-end audio maker based in Old Lyme, is trying to knock out scores of websites and vendors selling counterfeit versions of its popular headphones, with a blast of lawsuits.

In one case, a phony pair of Sennheiser headphones was purchased from an online website by the son of Sennheiser's president. When Jeremy Falcone complained to his father, company president John Falcone, "It was, 'Hey Dad, these Sennheiser headphones I bought sound horrible!'" Turns out the horrible-sounding headphones were counterfeit, John Falcone said.

Sennheiser, a German company whose U.S. headquarters are located in Old Lyme, CT filed a dozen federal lawsuits this week in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. The lawsuits, which allege trademark infringement and other violations, identify more than 100 suspicious websites and dealers in the U.S. and China engaged in the sale of counterfeit Sennheiser-branded products.

As more pirate websites and dealers selling knockoffs are identified, "more lawsuits will be forthcoming," Falcone said Tuesday.

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Better Drum Sounds - the kick

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The kick, or bass, drum is typically the foundation of most audio mixes when there's a drum set in the room. Spend a few minutes with Mike Snyder and Dean K. as they explore microphone technique for the kick drum. 

As they say, the Audix D6 sounds pretty darn good right out of the box.  It shouldn't need a lot of equalization or crazy engineer tricks.  And it's on just about everyone's "Top 3" list of kick drum microphones -- if it's not their favorite.  The D6 is $199.95 and it's available right away.  Call for more info, or click here to order online


DPA Headworn Mics - how will it work for me?

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"How will it work for me?" Isn't that the question we really ask when we're buying something, especially something we buy without trying it first.

We've all been disappointed by unmet expectations and products that turn out to be too-good-to-be-true. Well, the DPA d:fine won't be one of them. Unfortunately, it's not for everyone.

Those of you who know us know that there are certain products that we believe in 100%. Many of them are featured on our site. What you may not know is that we have demo stock of certain products so that you can try them with your system.

We've sold thousands of earsets over the years, and the earset itself has revolutionized the quality of the spoken word. The DPA d:fine (pronounced just like the word define), along with its cousins, the 4088 and 4066, are re-defining the standard for performance and quality among earset microphones.

We're excited to announce...

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