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Truth Seeker Productions welcomes Gary Williams

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Truth Seeker would like to welcome Gary Williams to its staff. Gary brings a breadth of experience in the areas of music and technology, and we think that you’ll enjoy getting to know him.

Gary is a 1986 graduate of Capital University with a degree in Music Performance. While at Capital, Gary developed his interest in music technology operating the Electronic Music Lab and Student Recording Facility.

Doing what every young musician dreams of, Gary spent the next four years on tour as keyboardist/guitarist with Word/Starsong recording artists Bash-n-the Code, and wrote the title cut and top 10 Christian radio hit “More Than Enough” in 1989.

While with Bash and in the years since, Gary has learned his way around the recording studio having produced and engineered several independent recording projects.

Gary understands what it’s like to be in your shoes, too.

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Better Drum Sounds - the snare

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In helping you discover the keys to better sound, we'd like to share Part 3 of this series from Audix on using microphones on the drum kit. Sit back and enjoy How to Mic Drums - Snare Drum.

The Audix i5 is one of our favorite snare drum microphones and it makes lots of people's lists as their favorite.  And at $99.95, the i5 is a great way to enhance the sound of your drum kit, whether you need just a snare mic or something for the entire kit.  The i5 is also great for saxophone, horns, and percussion. 


Personal Mixer Headphone Extensions

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Headphone extensions have been the bane of many a sound engineer's existence. The cables on IEMs are never long enough to get from the musician's head to the Aviom or M-48, which means we need to provide some sort of extension cable. In the past, I've tried buying 1/4" headphone extensions and used 1/4" to 1/8" adapters, but those cheap, off-the-shelf adapters are very stiff and the adapters don't always work.

Recently, we've tried making our own. I found some super-thin cable and put a 1/4" TRS on one end with an 1/8" cable end on the other. Those worked well; at least until the 1/8" ends started failing -- which was about week 3. We then switched to regular cable (Mogami 2792) with a TRS on the PM end, and a locking 1/4" cable end with 1/4" to 1/8" adapter on the other. We even zip-tied a carabiner to the musician's end so they could clip to to their belt loops. Those work OK, but we've still had issues with the adapters (usually the left side cuts in and out).

While walking the trade show floor at WFX, I was tipped off to a possible solution

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Do you really know how to use a vocal microphone?

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Audix has released the first in a series of three videos that showcase proper vocal microphone technique.  This video is a must-watch for members of your band or worship team, especially new members.  As you know, you can try to teach people about microphone technique yourself, or you have a video from an outside source say the exact same thing and they'll buy it -- hook, line and sinker. 

Please make use of this tool provided by Audix.


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What others say

Hi Dave,
We were incredibly impressed by the work the guys did. The system sounds great and Gary was a great help to us getting our feet wet with the new board. I feel pretty comfortable on it and I think most of our guys do as well.

Rev. Matthew Slater
Champion Church of the Nazarene

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