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Better Drum Sounds - tom toms

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The fifth chapter in this video series on how to mic up your drums with Drum Clinician Mike Snyder and Audio Engineer Dean k. Mike demonstrates how to get the best sounds from your rack toms and floor toms.

Spend some time with these guys and learn how to tighten up your tom sounds by using the Audix D2 and D4 microphones.  I think that you'll be well-rewarded for the time you spend watching these videos today.  Please call us if you have questions about drum microphone technique, or about Audix microphones. 


Audio-Technica -- 50 years of passionate listening

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Audio-Technica celebrates its 50th anniversary with an array of limited edition introductions offering stunningly clear, high-resolution sound quality and elegant design.

2012 is an exciting landmark for Audio-Technica. In 1962, our founder, Hideo Matsushita, opened the doors of our company in a one-story workshop handcrafting stereo phonograph cartridges. 50 years later we have grown into a worldwide audio innovator. We have branched out from our roots in Japan to a presence throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas - offering with each new product and new location more of the acclaimed fidelity and durability that have become synonymous with our name.

We hope our 50-year (and continuing) quest for perfectly articulate audio inspires people all over the world to create and enjoy wonderful works of communication and art. 


Better Drum Sounds - overheads

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We're 4 chapters into Audix's video series on getting better drum sounds.  In this video, you'll hear Mike and Dean talk about how to use the ADX51 condenser for proper pickup of the "room dimension" of your drum kit.

The ADX51 is reasonably-priced at $229.95 and is part of several of the Audix drum packs.  If you need a good all-around condenser microphone, make sure to check out the ADX51.  It makes a great hi-hat mic, too.  More on that in a subsequent video.  As always, please call us if you have questions. 


Church Production Technology - fading away?

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by Mike Sessler,

Last week I posted a link to an intriguing article written by Rachel Held Evans. Though she is in her 30's, is progressive and likes Mumford and Sons, she is more interested in being part of an "uncool" church than a super-hip one. Her thoughts on churches being "too hip" challenged me and got me thinking -- again -- about the role of technology in the church.

Now while it's true that I'm the Technology Director of a church, I've been spending a great deal of time thinking about how we sometimes over-use technology -- and I'm speaking of live production technology; audio, lighting, video, presentation. I wonder if sometimes we use technology as a crutch, or if it even becomes a distraction to our audience. To put this discussion in its proper perspective, I think it best we take a trip down memory lane to look at the progression of technology in the church.

To begin, we shall go all the way back to the end of the nineteenth-century. Back then, when it got dark at night, even in the city, it was dark. In populated areas, going outside at night could be dangerous because it the baddies would come out at night. Thus, most people stayed indoors after the sun went down.

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