700MHZ Wireless Rebate Program Links

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700MHZ Wireless System Rebate and Retuning Summary

Below, you'll find information on rebate/trade-in programs that are still in effect.  We hope this information will guide you on specific rebate options for various manufacturers and provide the right links to downloadable forms to use when applying for your rebates.  All rebates require the purchase of new wireless microphones, and most retuning services are offered for a fee that varies.  Contact us or the specific wireless microphone manufacturer for more details.

Audio-Technica is offering 5-15% rebates on the purchase of any Audio-Technica brand equipment (wireless mics, wired mics, cables, turntables, headphones, etc.).  Rebate request forms, along with one 700MHZ receiver, must be returned prior to June 30, 2010.  Audio-Technica will return a form for 15% off (trade-in of Audio-Technica 700MHZ systems) or 5% off (non-Audio-Technica 700MHZ systems) any size order made before its deadline.  That's an additional 5-15% off non-wireless products and accessories, too.  Download the rebate form here.

Shure is offering tiered rebates of between $40 and $1000 per system based on the type of system you choose and its brand.  Shure systems traded for Shure systems receive a higher rebate amount.  The beauty of the Shure program is that if you want to upgrade to a Shure system of higher quality, you could get as much or more for your old wireless system as it cost when originally purchased.  Shure's rebates require a 1-for-1 trade-in.  One unit bought, one unit traded in, one rebate.  See this form for details.

Sennheiser has a special trade-in/rebate program to help wireless users who are currently operating in this frequency range. The rebate offer was extended for purchases of Sennheiser wireless microphone products until June 30th 2010. Please click here for details and the rebate redemption form.  Sennheiser's program is more complex and rebates are offered on a sliding scale based on length of time of ownership.  3000 and 5000 Series customers, please call for more information on retuning of your wireless systems.